Richard B. King

Photo of Richard B. KingAssistant Professor
Rm 445 Montgomery Hall
Department of Biological Sciences
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

My research interests center on patterns of variation in nature and the evolutionary process that account for this variation. Much of my research has focused on morphological and behavioral variation, mostly in reptiles and amphibians. I am conducting a long-term study of the effects of natural selection, gene flow, and genetic drift on color pattern variation among Lake Erie island and mainland snake populations. This project combines field study, color pattern analysis, and molecular genetic techniques. I am also investigating the genetic and hormonal bases of behavioral and morphological variation in garter snakes. This project combines measures of behavior and morphology with manipulations and assays of steroid hormone levels in captive-reared garter snakes. Other projects conducted by me and students working with me focus on the ecological and visual bases of color change in treefrogs, reptile life history, population status and conservation of Lake Erie water snakes, phenotypic plasticity in snake head morphology, and acoustic behavior of hybridizing sapsuckers.