CBBS Friday Noon Seminar

Photo of Farady West

CBBS Friday Noon Seminar

Fridays at noon in La Tourette Hall
(formerly Faraday West) 201

Fall 2015

Sept. 4 Vladimir Kefalov
Washington University of St. Louis
Hosts: Michael Vega, Beth Gaillard
Cone visual cycle in the mammalian retina
Sept. 18 Alexander Statsyuk
Host: Victor Ryzhov
Biochemistry and Pharmacology of the Ubiquitin System 
Sept. 25 John Buolamwini
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Hosts: Gashaw Goshu and Tim Hagen
Design and Discovery of Novel Agents for Cardiovascular, Cancer and Viral Diseases
Oct. 2 Lise Eliot
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Hosts: Josh Wardwell and Wil Colburn, Angela Grippo
Sex, Brain and Culture: The Science and Pseudoscience of Gender Difference
Oct. 9 Keith Liden
Department of Biological Sciences
Host: Barrie Bode

NIU Contributions to Biology Career Success: Experiences of a Multi-industry Biologist

Oct. 23 Scott Galasinski
Abbott Labs
Title TBA